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Choose SugarCRM and go through Virginia for a hassle-free experience. Plus, go through us and we’ll pay you. Our experts handle the legwork, negotiate on your behalf, and secure substantial savings for your business. Enjoy simplified vendor selection and valuable savings. Get all the information you need to make the best decision—in just minutes.

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Choose SugarCRM, a top-rated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vendor, and let Virginia handle the heavy lifting. Customize criteria exactly how you want. Collaborate with colleagues. Find the right solution for your needs. Skip the sales pitches and months of spam emails.

“The time and money Virginia has enabled Curri to save is substantial. The Virginia platform streamlines the process significantly.”

~ Zach Gaudet

Manager, IT

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Information is power. Virginia puts Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vendors’ cards on the table and plainly benchmarks the competitive landscape. By leveraging Virginia’s benchmarking tool, you can gain valuable insights and strategically save on SugarCRM. Our clients have witnessed remarkable results, with one client saving more than $30,000.

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